our services include

Conceptualization and brainstorming of our customer’s special events and activities.

Design motto, theme, concept, lay-outs, and human resources required, assembly, display.

Decorative elements but not simply decoration. We strive to ensure that every single element maintains a synergy with the others; color schemes, tablecloths that can be tailor-made to satisfy your needs, fancy chairs, furniture and fixings, elegant lush covers and glorious flower arrangements to decorate the event of your dreams.

Creative construction because we build the scenery, stages, display facades, gardens, irons, ice carvings, crystal ceramic and foam structures…in other words, anything that your activity needs to make it more dramatic, thematic and fun.

Set up from “nada” (nothing)! We take over an empty (and not so empty) space to give you and your guests a breathtaking environment to enjoy.

Ambiance Protocol and structure throughout your entire activity; to ensure that every aspect of the event is taken care of - from VIP invitations, his or her favorite “splash”, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, room temperature, Maitre-D, Chef selection and staff, music, M.C., dancers, singers, program and the law and order. We work with the BEST event planners and wedding coordinators in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Le Grand Finale that includes the espresso, after dinner plans, fire works or laser show.

We also disassemble and gather all the decorative elements, leaving the place as it was received by our experienced personnel.